Student Resources

Student Resources includes AIHEC-required policies and forms to process invoices and reimbursements.   

Students are required to review, complete, and return AIHEC-required policies.  These forms must be completed, approved, and returned to AIHEC’s business office prior to processing invoices, stipends, and travel reimbursements. 


This Invoice Template is used to submit a request for payment to the AIHEC Accounts Payable Department at ap@aihec.org

Every student participating in an AIHEC-sponsored event must read AIHEC’s Code of Conduct Policy and sign/return the ‘Receipt of Notification’ to AIHEC’s Business Office.

The W9 my be completed and returned to AIHEC’s Business Office prior to processing invoices for payment

Students must review AIHEC Expense Reimbursement Form and use the Reimbursement form to request payment for travel and other expenses incurred while participating in an AIHEC-sponsored event.  Send the completed form and a copy of any required receipts to AIHEC’s Accounts Payable Department at ap@aihec.org

Students must review AIHEC COVID Policy,  and return the completed form to AIHEC’s Business Office.