The Aseto’ne Network Project is designed to help Tribal College/University (TCU) students learn how research from a Native perspective is used to improve the quality of life for their communities and the great need for more Native researchers. The pathways to this understanding branch out into four main directions leading learners through a process of growth. In the Cheyenne language, Aseto’ne refers to the concepts of growth and taking first steps. Students are encouraged to take their first steps by connecting with a mentor, enrolling in the Aseto’ne Virtual Institute, or taking a journey of discovery in cultural resiliency. Tribal College/University faculty are encouraged to serve as a mentor and utilize the library of learning modules, short lectures, and short courses to enrich their course curriculum. Teachers and students will find inspiration from the biographical videos of Indigenous researchers. The Aseto’ne Network Project invites you to take a first step into exploring research by clicking any one of the buttons below.

Can You Pronounce Aseto’ne?

The Aseto’ne Virtual Institute provides academic development and enrichment activities designed to improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills, communication skills and skills appropriate to lead effective research programs.