All Tribal College/University faculty are invited to register in a few easy steps for access to hundreds of culturally appropriate videos made to enhance course curriculum with the Native student in mind. Topics include biomedical, behavioral health, math, science, and research. The videos range from a few minutes to an hour, and some are presented as a series of videos that could be assembled into a short course. Check out the reviews by other TCU faculty for more insights and recommendations as you explore the videos applicable to your course.

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The First Step required to access the library of seminars and educational videos is to register and obtain login credentials. We also ask that you complete the Follow-up Form to let us know how the materials helped you develop your own instructional materials. Please keep us informed at anytime you need help or would like to let us know how things are progressing.

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Step 1: Please complete this form to gain access to the library of Webinars. Your submission will be processed and login credentials will be sent to you.

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After viewing videos, please return here and provide to complete the form below:

Step Two: Once you have received your login information, proceed to the Aseto’ne Resource Center using the link below to access the video libraries. You can view and download videos and incorporate them into your own classes.

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